Autumn Favourites. 

Hello Autumn.  How did that happen? Some might even consider it winter now. The year has gone exceptionally fast, especially because it’s my first year in the mother club. So to celebrate the end of Halloween and Bonfiee night I thought I’d do a bit of a different post for me and share my favourite fall products. I’m going to do this a bit different and say how these appeal to my senses.

Touch: If you’re like me, unfortunately a sufferer of eczema. It especially bad on my legs – they can be more like sores, they irritate me so much. I thought I’d try a bath oil as well my daily moisturiser to see if it helps with the colder months coming. You only need a little bit, 15ml for an adult bath and you can easily measure this by markings in the lid. This is an oil so it does kind of make your bath feel slimy and slippery but it really does feel like it helps your skin. Especially if you moisture afterwards. It might be all in my head but I really do think this has helped my skin, especially with the cold bitter weather we have here in Manchester. It just gives it that little bit more nourishment. It lasts too with only needing a small amount at a time, so I really would recommend giving it a try if you have dry, itchy skin. You can pick this up from any of your supermarkets or drugstores, I got this from Superdrug.

 Sight/Touch: I love a big, fluffy, comfy cardigan all year round. And I mean LOVE. With it being Autumn I now have excuse to wear one without being judged. I personally fell in love with this grey fluffy cardigan from New Look. I think it was around £27. I know it’s pretty pricey for a cardigan but I do love to have these in my wardrobe as statement pieces. You can wear it in the house or over your outfit when going out. It’s comfy, cosy and nice and thick. You can make it look casual or smart too. It looks perfect for the Autumn and Winter months!

Smell: My favourite smell at the moment is Katy Perry’s Killer Queen. I love the look of the bottle and you can purchase it quite cheaply compared to other fragrances. It smells really light and sweet. It’s not very over powering too, so it’s perfect for using as an everyday perfume. I’m not usually one for celebrity fragrances but I liked the smell of this before knowing what it was. It’s quite a summery smell for the Autumn months which I like too. It brightens day on a dull morning. If you like perfumes that are a nice, simple, light smell then I’d recommend this one for sure.

Taste: You simply cannot beat a nice warm hot chocolate in the colder months. After walking inside from the cold, crisp autumn air – putting the kettle on and making yourself a cup of hot chocolate is heaven. Being a self confessed chocoholic I’m really fussy when it comes to hot chocolates. There either too overpowering, not chocolately enough or too watery when made. So when I got told to try Galaxy hot chocolate I was really weary. I didn’t want to fall out of love with this brand! But I was pleasantly surprised, this really did tick all the boxes for me and it’s now become my favourite hot drink of the season. It’s just the right amount of chocolate and sweetness – I can never finish a drink that’s too sweet so this is a perfect balance. Try a cup out when your next reading through some blogs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised I’m sure.

Smell, sight, touch: I am prone to getting dry lips if I don’t take care of them. The amount of lip balms I go through is unreal. Whenever I buy a tinted balm they always remind me of the type you would take on holiday. They smell of sun cream and have that glitter tint too them. Plus I do like to wear a lip stick and lip liner every now and again so I was really looking for something that would work as both for me as well as help my lips. I tried Maybelline Baby Lips, in the shade Peach Kiss. I do like coraly colours more that pink so that shade was perfect for me. It feels really silky when applying. It gives a really gentle colour finish, that’s still quite natural looking and it does help my lips feel more nourished, it makes me feel as if I’ve made an effort with my make up!

Sight, sound: I do love a good boot. I wanted a boot that was quite solid, that had a bit of a heel to it but was still pretty casual. After much searching I found these for £18 in Primark. They aren’t too high for little old 5ft3 me, and they do go with most outfits I throw together and keep my feet warm and dry. They are super comfy when walking around with a pram all day, which is down to the nice chunky heel. They don’t make that clicky, clomping sound that heels make which I love – I don’t like bringing too much attention to myself in quiet places. Like I said, they are great for the Autumn and do exactly what you would want a boot to do. I have no complaints, these easy to clean too which is a bonus.

Sight, touch, smell:  The cold weather is never kind to our hair. So adding extra heat to the already dull, brittle hair you are sporting isn’t going to help. Especially if you quickly and ungracefully blow dry your hair after the shower like me. So I purchased VO5 Heat Protectiong Styling Spray. I just spray a little on my hair after I’ve washed it and then blow dry it. It smells lovely too! After my hair is dry it feels nice and protected and smooth. I don’t usually straighten my hair but after using this, then straightening it – it feels a lot more manageable and slick! It definitely makes me feel as if I’m helping my hair out with the extra strain in the cold months. Less manageable, smoother looking hair…It can’t be a bad thing can it?

*All products are purely for my own personally opinions and reviews, and I have no association with any of the brands or stores mentioned*


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14 thoughts on “Autumn Favourites. 

  1. cvnxena

    Love love love the boots! as an even littler 5ft 2 i think they would be perfect – definitely going to keep an eye out! I love a good shoe that can swing both ways ;p and I think i’ll have a little niff of the katy perry fragrance too next time i’m out – i’m in need of some more smelly things and christmas is around the corner! Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS


    1. Thank you. I’m so glad you liked this post. Seriously you can get a big bottle, I think 100ml is it?, of the perfume for like £15 if you shop around. It’s very much worth the money, thank you for your comments and for popping on over to my post X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES to Galaxy hot chocolate, it’s amazing! I love Baby Lips too, it’s the best lip balm I’ve found. I get seriously chapped lips in autumn and winter and that’s the first lip balm I’ve found that really helps! Great list! #KCACOLS


  3. Ohh I also love a cardi all year round and the one from New Look looks so comfy. I also love V05, neve used the heat spray but love their shampoo & conditioners. This is a dab list of products, I now want to go shopping xx #KCACOLS


  4. I love that cardigan! I want it for me!! LOL I also like the boots. Very practical for this time of the year! Of course I would always love anything from Galaxy!! Who wouldn’t right? 😉 I haven’t tried that perfume but I’m always open for new ones to try!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I’m very happy to have you for the first time! I hope you like the linky and that you have found great blogs/posts to read!! Also I wanted to thank you for spreading so much love around the linky!! You have commented a lot and I’m very grateful for that!! I hope you can join me again tomorrow!! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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