Rainy Day Blog: Routine. 

Routine is something every parent questions at one point. Does my child have enough play? Am I supporting their development enough? Should she really be watching an episode of Bing Bunny? Guilty, I’m one of those parents. Whilst the weather is absolutely miserable (queue rainy picture underneath), and all plans of an outing have been thrown strongly out of the window, I thought I’d take some time to reflect upon our everyday routine as a family and stay at home mum. Just a little extra pointing, I haven’t included every single nappy change so please don’t feel as if I don’t change little B’s nappy.  

7-8am: B wakes up. Usually in a chirpy happy mood. Most days I glance at our baby monitor and see her stood up in her cot, staring at the camera mumbling some mama’s. I go and collect her, greeted by a heartwarming smile and she has her first bottle of the day cuddled up, relaxing in bed with me. 

8-9am: By this point we are usually downstairs, B is normally happily in her walker playing or crawling around exploring after having her nappy changed, whilst I open the blinds and do my usual morning tasks. She then sits in her high chair and has her porridge. 

Until 10:30am (ish): After breakfast B usually plays on the floor with her toys for a while, coming to greet me or give me a quick kiss shouting at. We will read one of her favourite stories and then go upstairs, brush our teeth and get ready for the day. 

11-12:30pm: B usually has her first morning nap, and it’s usually around this time. She quite happily cuddles me and then when she us sleepy I will place in her cot and she’s usually away with the fairies. 

12:45-1.15pm: After waking up from her nap, again another big heartwarming smile appears when I go in her room to collect her, B usually has some dinner. I tend to make her own lunch, including lots of healthy fruit/vegetables/meat/fish etc, but if I’m in a rush or fresh out of ideas or we are having a bad day I will give her something from Ella’s Kitchen range. 

1:30 – 2:00pm: B is usually nice and cheerful after being refuelled and refreshed. We watch an episode of Bing Bunny (which is her absolutely favourite) and then have a nice playing session. I let B explore wherever she wants to as I really do feel this increases her confidence. We get as many toys out as she wants, make as much mess as she wants and a lot of the time I follow her lead. We sing lots of songs, read stories and just try to have an active play session. She also has a nappy change if wet so she’s nice and clean whilst we go out of the house.

2:15-4:00pm: This is the time I usually go out of the house to she shopsif I need to or if the weather isn’t too dreadful, we will go on a nice stroll. Well when it’s just me and little B. She usually falls asleep in her trolley, with her little Bunny tucked next to her and by the time she wakes up around 4pm we are home. 

4:15-4:45pm: At this time of the day I let B get as messy as she likes. I cover the floor with her play mat and step up a messy activity for her. Whether this is a big roll of paper with paints, coloured spaghetti or water play – we have lots of messy fun! B really enjoys getting messy. And I do too. 

5-5:30pm: Dinner is served. Messy post-play B has her lunch and pudding. 

6-6:45pm: As you can imagine with messy play and dinner, B is looking pretty filthy. So around this time we have a bath to chill out ready for bedtime, then get all moisturised and some clean pjs on. Not forgetting to brush those pesky teeth. 

7-8pm: Between this time B has her night time bottle, bed time story and is usually (on a good night) in bed for 8pm. B sleeps through now with no bottle during the night, but we may have to go in to resettle her with a few reassuring pats and shushes a couple of times. And that’s usually her until 7am. 

So there you have it. That’s our routine on a good day. Days usually do flow to this type of routine, but some small changes here and there might happen – especially if we have a day out planned or if B is a bit poorly. B will have some fruit snacks or vegetable sticks in the day if she gets peckish between meals and her juice/water is on the floor with her when she plays – which she helps herself too. Do feel free to comment any activities or tips you can offer us. All advice is appreciated, as we are all well aware there is no manual for parenthood! 

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