Sleep regression or just a rough patch?

Today I have literally not sat down. It’s just been one of those days where you want to crawl back into bed and start over. But for all you parents out there, you know as well as I do that it just isn’t an option for us!

My Little B had a bit of a rough night you see, well she’s been having a tough time recently. The weather the past couple of weeks she’s just been a little under the weather – not really herself. She’s much harder to feed and entertain! On top of that I think she’s teething. She cut her first two teeth at 4 months old with no symptoms, but here we are at 10 months with still only those two little pegs. She had a really unsettled, unhappy teething experience a couple of weeks ago. It broke my heart. But anyway, back to the point, she has not been a happy bunny.With B feeling this way comes a noticeable change in her bedtime routine. Little B is usually quite a good sleeper, only needing me or Dad to tend to her a couple of times in a night, and by tend I mean a quick reassuring pat to let her know we are here or just a help changing position when’s she disorientated to help her resettle. She even started to self soothe, knew the difference between night and day, and started to crack having a good nap in the daytime. Oh and she usually slept from around 8pm-8am…well not this week.


This week my little precious daughter has decided she doesn’t want to be in her cot or that she doesn’t need sleep for that matter, leaving us parents the very unpleasant task of feeling like we are having to battle with her through the night. Last night she needed us to come into the room and settle her (put it resulted in us having to pick her up and rock her) a few times. Then at 2am, 4:15am and 5:30am she thought she would try to wake up. Enter very cranky parents and baby at 8am this morning. Then comes the very dreaded question everyone faces as parents… have I introduced my child into bad sleeping habits? With B being poorly and teething recently we let her sleep on us or shushed and rocked her (we would still put her down when she was sleepy and not asleep though). It was the only way she was able to settle – but now she’s slowly getting back to her usual self she doesn’t seem to want to go back to her old sleeping habits and would rather be in our arms, and rocked. Today when trying to get B dozing for her afternoon nap a usually quick, uncomplicated five minute task took me at least 45 minutes. It was exhausting for the both of us. I really do have lots of respect for those parent’s who don’t have the world’s most fantastic sleepers on a good week. and who are still able to keep their eyes open and look alive in the day. Four nights of this alone have made me so foggy headed, cranky and just not feeling very motivated, (goodness knows how many times I’ve had to change the words I’ve typed because they just don’t make any sense)!

So anyway, taking action before it gets any worse I downloaded The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley on my kindle to get some background knowledge about babies sleep and ways which parents can support them, just so I can form a kind of plan if you will in case this isn’t just a short term thing and my little B does start to go through sleep regression – I really don’t like the thought of letting her cry so after searching the kindle library I thought I’d give this a whirl. After I’ve had a read I’ll  blog a review! If my little one has started to regress and I do need to turn to the plan put in place with the No Cry Sleep Solution, I’ll log everything and share our experience!


Part of me thinks my little one is experiencing a bout of separation anxiety too! She’s very emotional when she isn’t close to me sometimes, which isn’t like her at all. She has started to dislike being in her walker or her high chair too! She gets more emotional with me rather than Daddy though, which is strange as we are both with her around the same amount of time…me just a touch more. I do have this app on my iPad called The Wonder Weeks and I think it’s extraordinary! It tells you exactly when your little one is experiencing a ‘leap’ in their development, what the leap is, the signs of this and what you can do to support them and help make this easier for them to complete. According to the app my little B is in her seventh leap of her development…and yes being cranky/grump/moody is a sign. With all this going on in her little life, she’s an emotional, uncooperative little darling at the minute.

Wonder weeks

So I’ve done it. I’ve actually finished today’s post running off little sleep and so far I’ve only had to see to little B once whilst she has been in her cot.Okay, my mind may have stopped working a couple of times, my train of thought may be a little delayed but hey it’s readable…right? Let”s hope we have a better night, more for her sake. I hate knowing she’s had a rough nights sleep – I know how important it is for her to have a good night’s sleep!

Do you think I’m overreacting? Does every baby have times like this? Do you think I’ve put little B in some bad sleep habits recently?

Please do leave me any comments or suggestions or advice to help me out. I love reading your own experiences too so do share them. Oh and follow me on twitter (@mumisthewordblg) for updates!


7 thoughts on “Sleep regression or just a rough patch?

  1. I love the Wonder Weeks, SB has just left her last leap and I feel lost without the guide! Haha it was always so accurate. I think she went through a sleep regression at 10 months so I wouldn’t worry about bad habits too much! Fingers crossed you’ll get a good night’s sleep soon! x


    1. I always read it and I sit there like ‘of course it all makes sense now’. Oh I’m glad to hear (kind of) that your little SB also went through a little stage like this around this age. I hate it, she never wakes up upset usually :-(! Thanks for your comments – its given me hope! x


  2. It’s all such a rollercoaster, right? They’re up, they’re down; then they’re all over the place. Good luck with your new strategies; I absolutely gave everything and anything a go…still don’t sleep through the night, but it is certainly much better. Any sleep is a win win! Take care of you!! #bestandworst

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  3. Bless you! I know I have found that as a parent you are always questioning whether what you are doing as a parent is the right thing by your children. It’s tough not getting sleep after getting used to them settling well. It sounds like you are taking a sensible approach to it, and I hope you find a way to get her settled soon. xx


  4. I hate to say it but it’s probably just a phase – a developmental leap or something and she is just struggling a bit and wants you. I’m sure she will sort herself or when she seems better you train her back to where she was (if you do that). It’s just so hard being tired and I really feel for you! Good luck. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

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