Is being disorganised the new organised?


From an earlier age you always hear people set there lives goals. How old do they want to get married? What’s there ideal job? How many children do they want? You might say you subliminally have your ‘ideal’ life organised.

Me? Hands down  I thought I’d get married at 26, children at 30 and be in my dream position with a fabulous house complete with some fancy high-tech gadgets I have no clue how to use by the age of 35. You know what I’m talking about….we’ve all daydreamed about this dream life in our teen years. We all said ‘I’m not going to work in an office’ ‘I’ll be driving a range rover by 23!’ and my personal favourite ‘I’m not having kids at that age!’,  but plot twist, sometimes the ‘disorganised’ surprises in life are the best ones! You all remember life before being a parent. You probably knew what your day consisted of tomorrow, you definitely knew what you were wearing and you maybe even had your laundry under control.  But is being organised and wanting to know the in’s and out’s of everything causing us to stress over things a little too much?

Take me. Flash back to April 2014. I’m 20 years old, working full time 40 hours a week, in a very stable living together 5 year relationship and possibly the most organised person in the world (I had different coloured pens to mark different kind of events on my calendar, complete with coordinated highlighters, a tear springs to my eye with pride). I hated last minute plans. I needed to know what was going to happen tomorrow, I needed to make sure my dishes were washed and put away before I went to bed and I definitely couldn’t have that pile of laundry sat on top of the chest of draws, staring at me whilst I read a book in bed. I was a young, happy and in control woman. Then what happened? My little B made an appearance in the form of a positive pregnancy test. Fast forward to November 2015, I’m now a 22 year old stay at home mother, in a very stable living together 6 year relationship and it’s safe to say my organised life? It’s flickering dimly like a low on wax candle. Okay so I plan what I am cooking for tea, I still mark up on my calender all my events, bills and schedule but one thing is very clear to me now as a parent, you cannot organise your life – no matter how hard you try. It’s probably best that you leave those dishes until the morning after the day you might of had and that pile of clothes probably have more clothes in it then the chest of draws themselves. Oh and another thing you find out when living a fully pledged adult life… life just happens.

If you’ve read my other blog posts then you might know that I need to move homes and was due to view a house on Tuesday (if you want to check it out feel free too catch up on my busy week here). Do you want to know what happened? Take a guess… Yep. Life happened.

Three minutes before we were due to set off, the estate agent called us to say the property had gone. You’re probably thinking ‘okay what’s your point?’…My point is that again after organising our day around the viewing, we were left feeling very deflated. So there we are at home, viewing online housing adverts sent over by the estate agent – we sent a few viewing requests off but didn’t put much thought into it, it seemed nothing was going our way at the moment…Boyfriend told me to just have a hot bath and destress, something will come up. I tell him, unless I make a plan of action nothing is going to come up. Organising is key!

BUT…this morning we wake up. Good news…booked in for three house viewing appointments, (one of which we have fell in love with and have our hearts set on) and also have an appointment with a couple of agents who could help with our search. WHAT? Something has happened and I haven’t organised it? My mind was blown. I spend nights pining over information, with my diary and ipad calender open, planning to organise our next plan of action and making my head hurt with worry. And here after a few clicks and a ‘nothing goes my way’ kind of attitude I have hope. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m always going to love a good highlighter when making notes and I’ll always be found making lists but surely people who have a love of being so organised get a touch more stressed about little things?

Since becoming a mum I have learnt that sometimes you just have to take a step back, have a day off and just appreciate the little things. Sometimes life happens and it can bring the most disorganised surprises – whether that’s your child, or a new job, a new relationship or just a bit of good news. Don’t fret over planning everything, take life as it comes and you will be just fine.

So I find myself questioning this, is trying to organise and plan everything in your life sometimes a task that is so overwhelming it leaves us feeling deflated and down when the plan doesn’t go the way it was organised too? Is it better sometimes to just see what happens and be disorganised? What do you believe in?

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
Best of Worst

13 thoughts on “Is being disorganised the new organised?

  1. I like to be organised I like to know what is planned for the weekend ahead or even by a few weekends in advance. I’m not ocd but I hate last minute things being dropped in my lap, I have a 17 month old son and a 9 year old step daughter who has trampoling competions on a regular basis, I like to know about these at least a month in advance…not that it always happens and then it’s stress trying to sort everything for a day out in a sports centre some where.
    At home the house is more what I like to call caotic and lived in rather than tidy and nothing out of place. Life is too short I want to spend it with my family over chores. #bestandworst

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  2. We sound really similar! I’m naturally a person who likes to be organised, but these days – with two kids in tow – there has to be flex in the schedule just so that I don’t go crazy.
    I still write lists and schedule things in though. But mostly because otherwise I’d forget!


  3. I have never been organised in my life ever, but always wanted to be. I am a ‘let’s just wing it’ kinda gal (read:completely and utterly disorganised) and having my daughter make it ten times worse! Wishing you luck with your getting your new house x #KCACOLS

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  4. I’m much better at being spontaneous now then I was. I too liked to have a plan and stick to it and in some respects I still do. But you are right there is no point stressing about it and it is best to enjoy all the little things and chill when you can!! Great post and thanks for linking with #bestandworst. See you soon x

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  5. I like to try and be organised but nine times outta ten things don’t go as planned. And whilst it’s can be very frustrating, I too have learnt sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I really hope you get that house that you have your eye set on!xx #KCACOLS

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  6. This is a great post and it really resonates with me as I used to be so organised too…. before children. And now I sometimes feel like I run around like a headless chicken. I think children teach you sometimes you do just need to let it go and go with the flow. I still miss my super organised diary though!

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  7. I’m a little bit of both parts actually! I like to be organised and know what is going to happen but at the same time sometimes I also like surprises which sometimes can bring some exciting news like what happened to you!! Good luck with the house! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOL. 🙂 xx

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