Being a 10 month old.

It’s pretty known that being a ten month old is hard work. Well that’s what every book and article tells us. Everything is so new and an adventure, the job of learning something differnet everyday. I think me and Little B communicate with each other really well. She’s a clever one, well in my biased opinion anyway but after watching her play and gibber away to her toys I wondered what she thinks is saying, what’s going through her little brain. I thought it would go something like this…. 

Breakfast: I’m hungry. Yay I’m sat in my high chair. No I do t want to be in my high chair….is that porridge? This is delicious! I wonder what would happen if I got the porridge out of my mouth and into my hands. Oh Mummy is staring at me, quick do something cute. Oops I didn’t mean to rub it in my hair I promise. Okay I’m finished, let me just throw my spoon on the floor and yell until Mummy gets me out. 

Playtime/Morning Nap: I can’t believe I have all these toys I think I’m going to play with….oh a grape! What’s that noise? I know this song! I think I’m going to bang my toys together and giggle excitedly, that will get some cheers out of Mummy…yep, there’s those cheers. Oh no, the songs finished. That makes me sad…*yawns*…what was that? Why do I feel grumpy? I think I’m going to put my head on this pillow. No I don’t want too…I’m going to go and climb up Mummy and shout. She will make it better…oh wait she’s taking me to my room. I don’t want to sleep….I’m not….tired…..zzzzzzz 

Lunchtime: Where am I? Oh there’s my bed time bunny. Why am I in bed! I think I’ll shout Mummy. Mummy there you are! Let’s go downstairs *points to door*. Wow look I didn’t know I had all these toys. I want to play with…oh there’s my pet cat. I’m going to chase him. Hey come here. Oh no, I’ve put my hands in his water bowl, I better check where mummy is… Yep she’s not happy, I better crawl away fast. Mummy got me. Oh and dinner! This makes me happy. Oh look Bing Bunny is on. I think I’ll stare at this….. Oh yay dinner! I better cheer and tell Mummy I like this! Let’s see how much I can put in my mouth at once and then spit it all out. Mummy looks like she’s going to left, I better offer her some dinner too *holds out fruit*. Mummy ate it! *cheers mummy* 

Daddy comes home: Why has mummy took me to the door…are we going out…wait what’s that? I know that person, my legs and hands are getting happy. It’s daddy! I better shout him, Daddy likes that. Wait….is Daddy coming in! I look at Mummy, Mummy is happy. Daddy is in the door, he shuts the door. This makes me happy, I clap and reach out for Daddy! He is home. I cheer and Daddy kisses me. I kiss Daddy. Wait what’s that on his coat? I think I’m going to touch it. It’s shiny and cold. I crawl into the other room. Look Daddy, my toys *point*. Daddy runs in, I crawl away quickly. You can’t get me Daddy…oh he has me. I laugh! Story? Daddy says….I look around in the floor.  I know that word. Story…oh there it is! I crawl to my favourite book. Daddy picks me up and we turn the pages. 

So there you have it. That’s what I imagine to be going through my little ones brain! I do believe that babies are much cleverer than they seem and know much more than they are able to communicate.

 What do you believe? Does your baby communicate with you? 
Best of Worst

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19 thoughts on “Being a 10 month old.

  1. Hehe, this made me chuckle! Marianna’s 11 months now and I like to think her thought processes are fairly similar. Though probably a little darker – her favourite thing at the moment is to practice clenching her fist in the air in what we call her ‘dictator’ pose. She’s planning something, at any rate! πŸ™‚ #KCACOLS

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  2. This made me giggle, I always do this – it’s only now that SB is over 18 months old that she’s starting to let me know exactly what’s going on in her mind and I don’t need to guess anymore πŸ˜‰ your suggestions sound pretty accurate! #KCACOLS

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  3. Loved this post! Taylor is 11 months now so I think her thoughts would be very similar! I totally agree that I think they are probably a lot more clued up than we realise. I love how so much of what they do is to see how we’ll react. Such a cute age #KCACOLS x

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