B Diaries: You are now 11 months.

No. It can’t be. Surely not. 11 beautiful months since my little B was born. It’s so cliche to say but time really does pass by so quickly. I’m getting slightly emotional thinking of where my small 7lb 11oz newborn has disappeared too, but very proud of all she has accomplished in her 11 months. Here goes…

Teeth: B got her first two teeth through no problem at four months old, so I thought teething was going to be a doddle…How wrong and naive. For months we sat and waited for another little peg to pop through, we have been lucky though and only had one bad teething night so far. But anyway this month it finally happened. Another little tooth has broken through, taking B up to a total of three teeth!

Physical: B has also started to stand by herself. She’s still a little wobbly and quickly sits down but her control is improving and her confidence is growing along with the duration of her standing each time. Each day she’s getting a little more confident in herself and it’s amazing to think how far she has come in 11 little months. She’s super confident and speedy at crawling, climbing, rolling, crushing, walking with her push along walker – you name it she’s doing it. And finally on 10th December 2015, a few steps have been taken! 

Communication:  B has always be a good communicator, well with me and her family anyway. She’s come on so much with her babbling. The latest words she’s trying to say are:  birdies, nod nod, bye, Bronson (our cat which comes out Wonnso). They aren’t clear or noticeable to others but we can now tell the difference between things she is saying. She’s much better at non verbal communication. She joins in enthusiastically with nursery rhymes too…wind the bobbin up she has mastered, actions and all. (See I’m well in up with pride and I used to be hard as nails pre-baby).

Sleep: B is still sleeping from around 8:15pm – 7:30am, but she has been waking up at some point in the night and not going back to sleep for an hour or so, or fighting with us before giving in. I really hope this is a stage that most mums have experienced and not sleep regression. She still has a good nap in the day, so I try to catch up on some sleep when I can. B seems happy enough though which is the main thing. It’s not a permanent thing is a mantra I am living by.

Eating: B is now very much wanting to feed herself now. Which makes it difficult for me, as a worrying mother I am I constantly feel as if she hasn’t ate enough. I also have to think of meal plans that include foods she can feed herself because she hasn’t mastered the coordination of a fork or spoon just yet. She is a very good eater, I’m yet to find a food she dislikes (hoping this continues). She is a big fan of corn on the cob at the moment. She experienced her first Nandos date with mum and dad (she only had mash and veg). B does go through days of not wanting to eat, and days of eating everything. I’m putting this down to teething. B drinks plenty of water and milk through her own sippy cup, only having one bottle at bedtime and maybe in the morning if she feels like it.

Favourite things:  B loves stories. Her favourite is The Gruffalo and I Love my Daddy. She also loves to play with bouncy balls or any ball of any sort. Bing Bunny is her absolute favourite CBeebies character and she does love a good Christmas song or anything she can dance too for that matter at the moment.

Not so favourite: B is 100% at that stage where she wants to do what she wants. She hates being told no. She will or tend to cry, before quickly getting distracted with a nearby toy. B doesn’t like very overcrowded, noisy rooms as we found out at her Uncles birthday party (she soon cheered up when she had a slice of pizza in her hand).


11 months done. Now to savour this final month before my little one is one year old. Wow.

Lots of Love

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3 thoughts on “B Diaries: You are now 11 months.

  1. cvnxena

    Aww how lovely! not long now until little B is a whole number! – i miss this age! I currently have a destructive (almost) 4 year old haha makes me miss this even more :p Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again in the New Year xx

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