B: You are now 1 year old!

Well. It’s happened. My bump turned into a baby and my baby has now turned into a fully fledged toddler- tottering around, tantrums and all. Bethany now has an official age (in years that is). My little girl is 1 year old. When Why Who Let How did this happen? Surely someone has pressed the fast forward button life. Me and the fiancé were chatting away on Sunday evening after a successful day celebrating her birthday when it hit me. I was pregnant in 2014. 2014. That’s a whole two years ago. Why oh why is time passing so quickly? And yes, I am tucking into a box of Thorntons chocolate as we speak and no they do not help the mini emotional breakdown I am having, but they’re so delicious I can’t stop piling them into my mouth.

After a very rushed and busy Saturday, which consisted of:

  • a cake smash photo shoot in the morning, picking up last minute gifts, finishing decorating our new living room (why I thought this was the organised thing to do I will never know), making sure party bags were finished ready for tomorrow and then wrapping the presents up

–  it was safe to say me and the other half were so ready for bed. But once in bed, I was reflecting on every little detail of what would have been happening at this point in time a year earlier. I couldn’t of ever dreamed of how much life would change or how much I could love my child.

Sunday morning arrives and queue the chorus of happy birthday being sung to Bethany as we go into her bedroom. She hasn’t a clue, but still is pleased with the lovely wake up call. With Christmas being only weeks ago, B still remembers about gifts and is extremely happy to see some waiting downstairs for her (although this makes me question if she will expect this every month now). She was very happy about having balloons, more so than the gifts. We bought her a toy pram to push around her little dolly, so as you can imagine she fit into the mother hen role straightaway. After opening gifts and face timing her closest family members (technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it), it was time for a nap and for me and the Dad to prepare the party food and decorations. We didn’t want to do anything too fancy for her first birthday as she is still so young, so we chose to have a small family gathering at our home, with the people who are important in B’s life. This way she was happy in her own home, surrounded by her own toys and familiar faces. It’s a perfect first birthday celebration to us.

B had the most amazing day. She adored walking around the house, seeing all her favourite faces staring down at her with beaming smiles and laughing away with her. She may only be one but we are confident she had a brilliant time, and it was certainly a lovely memory for us as parents. This past year has been an absolutely blast. I’ve made some amazing memories and loved every single second of every single day. My little one has her own personality now and is changing and learning everyday. I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring. I know I face many more challenges but I’m so proud of how far we have come as parents, and even prouder of the child we have raised. But for now, here’s a few of her achievements at 12 months:

  • Able to walk confidently and navigate herself around obstacles
  • Starting to self soothe and sleep better through the nights
  • Plays peekaboo with you
  • Can hold your hand and take you to what she wants
  • Drinks and feeds herself happily
  • Sings some nursery rhymes
  • Sits and reads through books with care, the right way up, babbling as she goes
  • Can draw pictures with chunky crayons
  • Knows how to brush her hair and teeth
  • Associates different actions to different people
  • Can shout her pet and some names

Oh and another personal mummy milestone was reached. I finished writing in my Bump to Birthday baby journal. It’s been my reflective, milestone keeper since the start of my pregnancy and now it’s all filled in and ready for Bethany to read and to keep when she’s older.

How do you celebrate your little one’s first birthday? Do you have any traditions? 


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