How to deal with negative energy.

I have a problem. Like many people, I have allowed negative energy into my life. Let them it irritate and cloud my usually rainless mind. Why? Who knows why any of us let this induce us into sitting pondering in a world of our own. Stewing and mulling over circumstances. You know the kind. The embezzler of good energy. The bodies who repeatedly seem to be in a squabble with someone, or forever updating social media with passive aggressive updates, and most frustratingly think their opinions are the only appropriate, correct ones. Ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not always, nor have I always been, a ball of light but in my life now, I consciously try to put kindness out to the world. I don’t talk bad about people. I never say anything to a person that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in front of them. I strongly believe in karma – though I am waiting for some to reinforce my beliefs. I believe I’m a honest and fair person.  I believe in apologising for your wrongs. I believe in learning from mistakes. I believe in making mistakes. I’m human.


Now the spirit stealers I am referring to do none of these things. Instead they mostly make you feel upset, troubled, confused. The people who you struggle to recall when you last had a carefree conversation was with. The people who think and whats worse, make you feel as if, they are above you,  talk down to you. The ones who emotionally drain us to a point you welcome the day you awake with the stress of them gone from your shoulders, which is extremely sad.

Now as we know blogging is an ideal way to express and compose your thoughts/feelings in a healthy way -to a world of neutral and sincere readers but after an extremely draining morning (concluding in me breaking loose from the negativity within my life, at least until a corner has been turned and their own issues have been addressed) I felt it was time for me to channel my feelings of frustration into words of motivation. Here’s my top tips to keep positive when surrounded by negative and when dealing with negativity:

  • No matter what, believe in yourself. It’s hard to not become riddled with self-doubt when unpleasantness is being directed to you. BUT be strong. Have strength. You can overcome this.
  • Reflect and articulate yourself before you respond. There is nothing worse than reacting in the heat of the moment, take a moment to ponder on what is happening. React in a healthy way that reflects who you are. Not in a way you will later wish you didn’t. Make sure you are clear, calm and concise in expressing your thoughts and feelings. There is no point in addressing invalid points and working yourself up.
  • Surround yourself with beautiful, strong, honest people. For me I am extremely lucky to have hub-to-be. Someone I can freely communicate with and unload when I need too. What’s more he is not afraid to tell me if I am wrong, if he doesn’t agree with the way something is handled but is still someone who will support and uplift you 100%. This truthfulness I admire massively. I believe that if you surround yourself with kind people, they influence you. Likewise with negative.
  • Always be aware and pick your battles. When dealing something like this, it’s important to understand that you can’t battle every time. It will drain you, mentally exhaust you and leave you feeling worse of than you started. It’s important to be able to identify what you need to let go of, for your own sanity, and when you feel it’s time to address something and stand up to the problem.
  • Support yourself. I truly believe that for one negative energy in life, you need to give out a million more positive vibes. Wash out that negativity in a productive way. Channel your frustration into motivation. Use the emotions to better yourself. Whether that’s in your job, your friendships, hobbies, social media etc. Point those feelings into the universe as positive ones. Karma will come back to you.


Remember, look after yourself. And those most important to you. Uplift others. Be kind daily. Treat others how you want to be treated. Block out the negative vibes. And most importantly, admit when you are wrong/when you have done wrong and that you are human. You gain a lot more respect in doing so,  as oppose to claiming you are in the right and trying to put others down in doing so. Do not let negative people turn you into one.


Best of Worst<

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13 thoughts on “How to deal with negative energy.

  1. elizabeth959803

    WOW, did I need this today, Lex. I am definitely being dragged into a pit with one particular person in my life who fits your description: “they mostly make you feel upset, troubled, confused.” Yes. You are so right: I’ve got to pick my battles, and this is one I’ve got to quit fighting. Thanks for the wisdom today…stopping by from #Alittlebitofeverything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I needed to get this out there today, so glad we could help each other out. Most definitely choose when you need to step up wisely. Unfortunately for me that happened today, didn’t start my Wednesday off to a good start BUT on wards and upwards and focus on more positive things. Sending you lots of love, luck and laughter. Oh and thank you for stopping by 🙂 x


  2. I absolutely agree that surrounding yourself with negative people can turn you into one. Too bad it’s not always possible to cut negative people out of our lives. I just try to remind myself that negative people must be surrounded by negativity. They send out what they feel. They push others down because, having been pushed down themselves, they are desperate to raise themselves up but are unaware of how to do it in a positive way. Negative people are victims of negativity. They are sad and suffering people who hide behind hatred and anger. #bestandworst

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    1. Absolute spot on, fabulous words and never agreed more. Of course this morning I got invited to ‘remove myself’ from this persons life. Sad but true. Figured I don’t need to be the one to take negative actions, and if that’s the path they have chosen so be it. Thank you for some more positive thoughts to reflect on, it was lovely for you to comment 🙂


    1. Completely agree. Sometimes taking a step away from that negative energy for own sanity, mental health and for the sake of children can be a wonderfully positive thing to do. Thank you for commenting, really appreciate it 🙂 xx


  3. I absolutely believe in Karma and trying to teach it to my children from the early age on. Smile and they will smile back, be friendly and they will be friendly too! There will always be those negative people that drain your energy but as you say if you make a conscious decision to surround yourself with positive people all will be good!

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  4. It’s often such a relief when you can distance yourself from people like this. It’s hard to often remain mature and not just speak your mind but you so have to pick your battles and try and rise above it! Really positive words and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

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