Review of Club Hub UK app.


After the lovely founder of Club Hub UK  Tessa contacted me inviting me to take a peek and review her brand new app, I was excited to see what I would discover. The app, Club Hub, is the answer to all parents’ prayers and available free to download on iPhone and Android devices.  How many of us love taking our children to different clubs and activities, but aren’t aware of what’s on in our area or more than likely can’t be bothered searching across the vast number of websites leading or making a million phone calls trying to figure out what’s on, when and who for. It can be a task on its own, and that’s before any activity has even been attended. Enter Club Hub!


Club Hub provides parents with a quick and easy way to find out what’s happening near them. The easy search system gives results in seconds (and geographically listed, making it even easier to see what’s on nearest to you).


A quick enter of your child’s age, location and  the activity you are most interested in and huzzah, you are instantly given a list of different goings-on, personalised to your search criteria. After entering my search criteria, and my child’s age (I have a 1 year old) – only one activity matched up for me, a messy play group. Sidenote: After updating Club Hub on this, feedback was quickly received and they are reaching out to more activity providers in the area in the upcoming weeks, so that’s brilliant. Due to this, I decided to do a review based on living in the London, with a 1 year old instead.


Search results came up swiftly and with a lovely 21 results matching – which is fabulous and gives a bored parent lots of choice to keeping their child entertained for a day. Activities ranged from arts and crafts sessions to dance/music sessions to swimming sessions. Each activity takes you to a page filled with information, for the sake of the review I chose a dance class for my 21 month old. The information page tells you all you need to know about the class, from the time, day and price to the benefits it has to your child, along with the important contact information and of course directions.


This app is exceptionally helpful and easy, especially in our busy age of technology where we have the need to get information to us faster. Being an app that’s free to download on our phones, it’s perfect to satisfy this need and provides our children with lots to take part in too. It’s wonderful that the founder Tessa, who created this concept after struggling to advertise her own children’s drama group locally and freely, responds to parents who haven’t got many activities within their area (such as me but I suppose this is down to the app still being in the progress of branching out) and makes an effort to try and encourage activity groups within that area to sign up to Club Hub – not only making the app more successful but busy parents lives that little bit easier.

I would definitely recommend downloading, especially with the half term holidays quickly approaching. I truly haven’t come across another app like it. It’s fun, colourful and full of information. Always worth downloading to see what’s on in your area and the best thing is it’s free. Well done ClubHub!

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lollHave you ever heard of ClubHub? Will you be downloading to see what’s on in your area? What sounds most appealing about this app?

All views presented were my own and this is a non-paid review.

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