Liebster Award 2016.

Kerry over at Don’t Drop The Baby is someone who’s posts I thoroughly enjoy. I first stumbled across Kerry reading her emotional, heart felt post about dealing with grief (after sadly loosing a grandparent) with a toddler and a blog, please do check it out and support her, here. If you have any experience in dealing with anxiety, panic attacks or the latter, then Don’t Drop The Baby is a site that makes you feel that you aren’t alone in your experiences as Kerry openly discusses her own journey, and offers supports. So thank you Kerry for this small nomination, it doesn’t go unrecognised!

Liebster Award badge

This award is basically an internet based award that bloggers give to each other, the nominated blogs must have 200 readers or less however. It’s an award that really helps new/smaller blogs promote themselves and connect with others – which is super important in the blogging world. Again, thank you for the recognition and opportunity to be involved. It goes without saying, no one has to blog about anything they don’t want too and not everyone will want to get involved but what do you have to lose? It’s a bit of light humoured fun. But, there are a few rules:

  • Thank your nominator. It’s also nice to include a little bit of promotion to their blog, they will not only be thankful but those who you nominate will also help you out.
  • Include the Award Image in your blog, there is a range of different images you can choose to include over at this site (which also includes more information on the award and rules). It is easier to save the image directly to your computer by the way.
  • As a new aspect of the award, you will need to include 150-300 words discussing your favourite blog, providing links of course. It’s also nice to be kind. I will be doing this as a separate Libster Award related post.
  • Write 10 random facts about yourself. This is optional but it’s great to help readers engage and learn more about you.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs, all that have less than 200 followers (if you can’t find this then feel free to ask the blog owner)
  • List the rules in your own post
  • Let the people you have nominated know about the award, providing links to your own post – of course the linked post, which you can visit here, which has all the rules etc is also helpful to provide


  1. My husband to be, is my childhood sweetheart and we have been together since I was 15 years old.
  2. My daughters middle name, Joyce, is in memory of my Nanna – whom I lived with from the age of 10 until 17, when she sadly passed away.
  3. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers – however we aren’t all in contact.
  4. My cat is named Bronson as it has a moustache shape around his mouth much like Charles Bronson (feel free to do a quick google).
  5. I am 5ft3, and my husband to be is 6ft2!
  6. My all time favourite series is Desperate Housewives, Lynette being my favourite housewife.
  7. I never finished university, and this is something I deeply regret, but everything happens for a reason.
  8. I lost my mother at 8 years old, and my father broke all contact with my by the age of 12 years old.
  9. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series.
  10. I would love to visit New York one day.


Life As We Know It Blog

Mummy Em Blog

Not So Secret Life of Us

Chilli Regina

Laura’s Lovely Blog

Be sure to comment with your posts so I can check them out, or tweet me when they are live!



9 thoughts on “Liebster Award 2016.

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments Lex, especially after my nan died. You are one of my favourite bloggers and definitely feel a connection there! Thanks also for accepting the award and participating, I enjoyed reading your 10 facts, although a few of them made me a bit emotional….you’ve been through so much. I too never finished Uni, and it is definitely one of my biggest regrets. But hey, look at us blogging and stuff! Xxx


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